Intimate Grace is a Bible & Faith Based Social Benefit Enterprise. We help individuals and families with all sorts of challenges they face. Our services offer more than counseling, we help problem solve, network, & find necessary resources to help live your best life.

Intimate Grace Counselors are licensed and trained Pastors.  We are happy to provide proof of our qualifications.  If you've never been to Christian Counseling, our methods may seem unconventional, as it is NOT psychotherapy, nor is it clinical in nature.  However, we are not a religious experiment either and we partner with God, Holy Spirit and Jesus to find solutions.  We don't give up when things get difficult; at times we must wait on the Lord for answers and solutions to become clear.  Everything we do is done in partnership with the Lord through trust, faith, humility and grace.


We are not a traditional nonprofit, we are a social benefit enterprise.  Our operations require donations, grants, and payment for services as we do operate like a traditional business model, in order to complete our mission and remain financially viable.  We work with you to determine how, and if, you can help pay for the services we offer.  The determination to provide services is never dependent on your ability to pay.  When we have the financial resources available, we offer scholarships and a sliding scale fee to help you pay for our services.  In this regard, we do operate on the same principle as a non-profit.  We encourage you contact us for an initial free consultation, regardless of your financial means.


You do NOT have to consider yourself a Christian to use our services; it is important to understand that everything we do at Intimate Grace is based on following the foundations of what God has laid out in his word, the Bible.  We draw on the knowledge from our education and experiences including those who have came before us, contact us today for an initial "free" consultation.



Do I need Christian Counseling?

As Christians we go through difficult challenges in life. While you may be able to cope with the challenges of sin, belief, and obediance; it’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you need it. In fact, when you realize you need a helping hand, you’re taking responsibility for your choices, facing your fear and opening your heart to the Holy Spirit to change you.  We strive to give you foundational communication skills with the Holy Spirit in order to heal and deliver you from our very real enemy satan, not only for the immediate situational challenges but well into your future.  We seek God in every session and the great I AM is in charge of methods and the amount of sessions that are appropriate.  We ask for you to seek his counsel before contacting it is of the utmost importance we have his approval before you attend.

How can therapy help me?

There are many benefits to Christian Therapy.  Holy Spirit provides support, healing and deliverance for issues such as forgiveness, generational sin, addictions, sexual sin, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, demonic torment, and relationship problems of all sorts. Counseling is extremely valuable in managing personal growth, relationships, and the many challenges faced in a Christians life.  We encourage you to be open and honest, as it is critical to the healing process.  At Intimate Grace we are dedicated to your well being and spiritual growth.

How do I know what you can help me with?

Intimate Grace provides all types of services in addition to Pastoral Counseling.  I can assure you, whatever your challenges or struggles in any area of your life...

Holy Spirit can uncover the reason and help you with it.  Much depends on the solution you seek, we don't operate in stereo types or putting restrictions on what God wants to show you.  We literally use any resource available in combination with your free will to help you. 


It's important for you to be open and seek matter what that may look like, as God's ways are not our ways.  Typically speaking, we discuss the things that are currently happening in your life, things that happened in the past that are relevant to your challenges.  Ultimately, we want to help you live your best life in joy, peace, and love.   

Will our conversations remain confidential?

Confidentiality is a critical component of Pastoral Counseling. None of your information, or what you discuss with us will be shared with anyone else, unless it is explicitly requested by you.  By law, any conversations with a Pastor are even more secure than a secular therapist.  We can’t release any information without your written consent, except in the following situations:


  • There is currently unreported abuse or neglect of children, adults or elders occuring by the client receiving services.


  • The the client is in danger of harming themselves or has threatened to harm another person.

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